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My secrets (blog) is where it's all at, where i'll be sharing with you the little things the world doesn't really want you to know about and why, instead, your led to believe the actual opposite of what you already know deep down inside yourself.

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Let’s talk about one of the most important things that matter in the world: You!

You are what makes the world go round and makes it turn so take a read and likeshare and comment if you can relate on any level!


You’re all it takes to make a difference.


Life teaches us so many different things that we learn along the way, love , trust, lust, ambition, dreams and all the flip sides to those truths. ‘Hate, mistrust ect…’

Reading about life here on the internet from true bloggers had a positive impact on my life and since then I've decided to try my utmost best at helping you realise your true worth and potential, helping you, as I was helped.

Life is simply complicated and testing. At times, from the pain of waking up every morning, to falling asleep at night..

True we all have periods where we have ‘up days’ and ‘down days’, though wouldn't it be wonderful to have more ‘ups’ then ‘downs’?

See the ‘good’ in things more than the ‘bad’?

The secret to doing this is simple and it’s:  All about your perspective!

For example; let’s say you’re a person who doesn’t enjoy the rain all that’re on holiday, wake up and realise that it’s raining and has been all night, you could look at it one way which is to think that your day is ruined and you’ll probably end up staying in until the sun comes out which means a day wasted, or you could look at it in one of many ways that it’s actually a ‘good’ thing and turn it to your advantage. Go to a water park and enjoy the water rides, be happy & relieved that there is rain and you aren’t experiencing a famine…at times we don’t know what we have until we have it, no more.

Basically how we perceive our experiences are based on how we ‘look’ at them and you’ll see more of that as you delve deeper into the posts on my blog.

So open up my ‘blog’ and tell me what you think!

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