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We all are addicts!


I’ve just realised something. We’re all addicted to something or other. If you don’t believe me then try this: for one day, actually scratch that, for one HOUR try completely alternating from your usual routine of whatever it is you

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My answer to: What can you teach me that can be useful in my life?


  Hello you, What have you been up to lately and how’s life been treating you? Today I’m going to leave you with a short answer that I’d left on Quora with the hopes that they benefit you in some

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Where Do I Go Now?

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Hey, how are you? truthfully? I wonder how your days have been treating you and hope that they’ve been good. I feel terribly ashamed writing to you today. As I’ve both good and bad news. The good being I got

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Light Beyond The Horizon

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Hiya my gorgeous readers, how are you all today? Hopefully well..? Right now I’m sitting at my desk in a t-shirt and leggings. I’m shattered from a lack of sleep what with a crazy week and my stomach is bloated

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The One Lesson I Learned The Hard Way…


Have We Used Up All Our Happy? Sorry Callie, I had to steal that line. Greys Anatomy. Now there’s a show I can never get enough of. There’s hardly a time I’ve watched it and not cried…*sigh* Oh well on

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The Smile I Wear Everyday Doesn’t Reflect How I Truly Feel


Hiya, how are you today? Hopefully well..Lately I’ve been pondering past events which ended up having me down in the dumps for a bit. Unfortunately I find my emotional healing process long and tediously painful. For some reason I’ve yet

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Why Love Trumps All Else Almost Every Time…


How are you today? Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve written to you. Truthfully, I’ve been feeling kind of down lately and couldn’t bare the thought of bringing you down with me so I simply wrote down what I

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Are Our Expectations Of Others ‘Realistic’?

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Hi, how are you all today? Hopefully well. I was having one of those ‘weak’ moments the other day when I googled ‘he left me did he ever love me’. I was feeling pretty wretched at the time. It isn’t

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What Do You Do When Your Heart’s Fit To Burst?

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If you’ve ever read my ‘About me’ page then remember when I’d said I’d share my life journey with you? Well that included the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Right now tears stream down my face as I feel almost paralysed with

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Why Do We ‘Feel’ What We Do?


Feelings. Emotions. They are the very things that involuntarily drive us. They have a profound effect on us. I just finished watching a movie called ‘No Reservations’ starring Catherine Zeta Jones, and I have to admit that I’ve watched a

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